Bringing back kitchen table conversations and the wanderlust of taking the road less traveled.

Holiday Crunch​

Wander Girls Provisions Holiday Crunch is a scrumptious, delectable snack designed to foster a travel/wanderlust mindset…even as you sit at your desk, commute to work, or binge-watch your next favorite series!

4 oz- Single Serving Snack $8

8 oz- Share with a Buddy $15

16 oz- Share with the Team $25


Purchase a subscription for a monthly package of two 8 oz packages.

$20 per month for twelve months.

About Us

About Us

Wander Girls Provisions was founded by Katie Sutton, created in the spirit of tradition and fond memories of baking with her mom, Mary, and her grandmothers, Tillie and Augusta. Katie continued this tradition with her own three daughters, taking recipes of her youth and putting a new spin on them.

Katie grew up in a small farm community in Iowa, surrounded by a large family. Her mother, grandmothers, and aunts loved to cook and casually entertain their large families, often gathering around the huge dining room table full of freshly baked snacks while talking and engaging in conversation.

Also entwined is Katie’s love of following the path less taken while traveling, hence the name Wander Girls. She loves to discover the road less traveled and is known to take many more hours to get to a destination to admire the beauty in the ‘ordinary’.

Our Mission
Providing the heritage of delicious, magical treats to snack responsibly, and to enable girls of all ages to gather for the common good of curiosity, confidence and camaraderie. Our Mission is to evoke emotions of wanderlust, camaraderie, kindness and tradition as you embark on the journey of savoring the magical goodness of Wander Girls Provisions. To inspire a passion for discovering the road less traveled.


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